Do you really have to pay for a doctor’s excuse nowadays?

Times have change, the access to information is easy and fast and so the availability of legal documents and templates to create almost anything. I am not a human doctor, but I imagine that finding fake notes templates on the internet really annoys, after you when you spent so long to be able to accurately diagnose and decide what is best for a patient, also the fact that people can use those fake templates can get people into trouble and because the only reason why you would use one of those templates is because you will be lying.

One example of a doctor’s note that you can download is a fake dentist note. It’s easy to use since you can fake the symptoms in a simple way. You just need to put your hand on your cheeks, bite some cotton with ketchup as blood, and act like you’re in pain.

Is not that simple though, you can have the template, but, you might be wondering which is the best illness for the case, what if they ask you further and you don´t know what to answer, would you be requested any medical exams by your boss, is that a common illness or is it just 1/1000 people who can suffer from that condition?  is a flu enough excuse to have a doctor’s note, and an endless list of questions that would make some people pay for a doctors fake note in the end.

Some people believe that if you are going to do mischief make sure you do it so well that no one catches you. The same applies for fake doctors notes, if you are going to show one at work or school try your best to not be caught. I am not by any means encouraging you to do so, on the other hand you should get informed in other ways of getting away from work or class without any consequence and without having to create a lie and take the risk of being fired or dismissed from school.

To conclude, when making the decision of presenting a fake doctors note make sure you get informed about how your company or school proves the validity of your excuse, if they call the medical center and ask about your medical history and in case you paid for it, is the one you got even similar to one you have seen before. You want to avoid presenting a fake document that is not even close to a real one.

When downloading notes, you can choose what best suits you. You can try out here.



Health living is very important in one’s life. There are various ways to improve and make your body health. In health living, one is free from infections and has a well fitted body. There are many ways to improve health living, let us consider the following:

Avoid intake of large amount of salts and fats. Research shows that intake of meals with large amount of the salt, causes heart diseases, stroke and even diabetes. One is advised to to take very little or no salt or fat meals because some foods have natural salts. Large intake of salt leads to high blood pressure that may lead to bursting of blood vessels. And large amount of salt intake can lead to blockage of blood vessels thus blood will not flow to the body parts effectively.

Examine your weight regularly to know whether you are overweight. Research shows that premature deaths mostly are caused by obesity, these leads to reduction of life expectancy of individuals. Overweight causes serious complications like particular cancers and diabetics mainly 2. To be free of these diseases exercise regularly and visit a physician. Drink little amount of wine and alcohol. When one drinks a lot of alcohol, various implications come about like; strokes and heart attacks. This causes long term effects in the body thus one feels unfit and becomes sick. By drinking little wine these problems will not be experienced.

Sleep also must be monitored in health living, sleeplessness or failure to have a sleep, leads to headache and little performance of activities at work. To avoid these effects one must go to bed early and sleep for an average seven hours. Cancer is a huge problem, to live health one has to go for medical check ups at given intervals. This means that, if cancer- disease is detected early then a person will be medicated and cancer is driven away. Through this, one can live a health living. One must avoid smoking. From research by World Health Organization (WHO) shows that, Smoking causes many illness like; lung malfunction hence affecting ones breathing system. The breathing difficulties leads to low gaseous exchange in the body leading to death.

Lastly one has to take a balanced diet. A well balanced diet is taking protein for body building, carbohydrates and vitamins including fruits. Taking such meals one will be away of diseases thus leading to a good health living. Water also is essential in the body because it assists in maintaining the body temperature and cushions the brain and bone joints. By following these practices one can improve his or he health.